Livio Fania is a freelance illustrator who works for the editorial and advertising industry. His artwork is populated by characters with flashy color skin, pointy noses, and old vintage Vespa. He is a bike activist, a language enthusiast, an ECV teacher, a Linux user and a vegetarian. He is Italian but lives in Bordeaux, France. He likes lentils. 

Past client includes:

Bulletin Magazine, New Internationalist, Science et Vie Junior, INA Global, Auchan, Caisse d’Épargne, ETICO Conseil, Vivre Bordeaux, Office de tourisme de Bordeaux, Maison Poaplume, Friedrich Verlag, Vélo-cité.


Livio Fania also manage a Whiteboard animation and Graphic Facilitation firm called Selenox.



French mobile: +33 0752963794





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